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Diabetic Driver

I can not thank you enough for the Driver Decal. My aunt order me one when I came to Oklahoma for college. I live in a pretty small town (420ppl) about 20 minutes from school. I stopped at the local gas station one morning filled up my car and don't really remember anything after that. From what I was told I was acting kind of strange when I payed for the gas but no one thought about it. I then walked outside made it half-way across the parking lot a collapsed. Luckily a state trooper was there and had saw what car I was in. He ran out side and saw the decal and immediately knew that I was having a Hypo. He saw my insulin pump and riped it out and then headed to my car and found the Glucoagon I carry with me. My blood sugar after 2 glucogon, D50 and Glucogel was 63mg/dL.

When I got to the emergency room the trooper came in and sat with me. He told me that if it would not have been for the decal and my medicalert he would have assumed I was drunk. Your decal saved my life!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
— Emily W.
Medicine Park, OK

I love your product. It's a lifesaver for sure.
I learned about your decals through dLife, and have had them on my vehicles since mid 2006.
— Chuck V.

I think this is a terrific decal. I hope others see it and order it.
— Shirley K.

I want to thank you very much for your product. For us drivers, with diabetes, this is the only decals that makes sense. We have always needed some other way to identify drivers with diabetes. I will tell all I know about this decal.
— Bobbie B.

What a great idea! Best of luck with your business venture.
— Penny L.

Great idea!
— Carolyn M.

I came across this "Diabetic Decal" online and knew immediately I had to have them! I have never seen them before. Indeed this is an excellent idea. I have had diabetes for 37 years and have had times I experienced lows while driving, but have since been more mindful of testing before driving. Also, I now wear an Insulin Pump which helps in that area.
Thanks you. For this wonderful idea, I will pass this around.
— Rev. Diane S.

Thank you for helping others with a simple but needed item. Best to you.
— Julie N.

I think this is a great idea. Good luck in your endeavours.
— Sharon D.

My son is almost 16 and will be getting his learner's permit next month. I have stressed to him that he needs to check his sugar each time he gets behind the wheel and buckles the seat belt up.
Thanks for this product.
— Darlene

I look forward to receiving the decals and using them. I think they are a great idea!
— Sandra M.

I think this is a life saving idea and your daughter is to be commended for the idea. I wish you well with the new business.
— Nancy R.

My name is Karen. I just thought I would let you know that this whole thing you got going on here with the products and everything is such a great idea. Thanks for thinking of it. It's about time someone did.
— Karen H.

Thanks for doing great things to the benefit of those affected by diabetes.
— Jill H.

Congratulations on the efforts of you and your family! I too am a long term diabetic, 38 years, and in perfect health. I especially liked your daughter's idea for the car stickers, and would like to buy 2 of them as my brother is also a diabetic.
— Jill P.

Great idea!
— Sandy

I received the decals yesterday, thank you very much, you came up with a wonderful idea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks again,
— Kim O.

Got the decals. Wow! What a great idea hope you sell lots.
Thanks so much
— Peggy

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